Catching the light

Photography is a way for me to express and explore my creativity. Wildlife and landscape photography are also a way for me to enjoy and capture our amazing nature

Even though I enjoy most kind of photography, I find the greatest inspiration for my photography in nature. There, I can combine my love of color and form with my interest for the great outdoors. Nature photography requires both patience and quick reflexes. And that’s part of the appeal. The conditions are constantly changing and you need to be quick when the owl comes flying for it´s pray or as the herd of deers pass through a gap of light in the dying rays of the sun. No day is the same.

I enjoy the creative and meditative aspects of photography too, and I´m passionate about sharing my love of nature through photography. I hope that my images will inspire others to appreciate the precious beauty of nature. If you are looking for a one-to one tutorial or book me for a photo lecture, feel free to reach out.